'If you think engineering is expensive – try an Offshore Operation'

The professional and technical preparation of offshore wind projects is the essential prerequisite for a successful construction and installation of each key operation such as foundations, cable, WTGs and OSS. Our experts are experienced in leading and supervising the production as well as offshore installation of components. We are permanently deploying the ability to evaluate as contribution to a reliable and comprehensive engineering in order to optimize the Basic Engineering and Detail Engineering. Thus processes become more reliable, secure and cost efficient. Additionally, we apply complex 3D animations for loading or installation processes, visualizing critical steps and thus giving third parties a quick overview on processes. The experience in operative implementation is an absolute necessity for the engineering of complex offshore wind farm projects.


Sub works which are critical to success often create problems during project implementation. Sea bed surveys are to be mentioned in this regard. The ability to interpret survey results is crucial in terms of determining the proper installation method. DOC provides experts with geo-scientific background, who are able to evaluate the appropriate installation tool according to soil conditions, generate informed initial analysis (e.g. Leg Penetration Analysis) for jack-up operations and carry-out general soil examinations. The engineering provides the foundation for further development, optimizing and adjustment of processes for a cost efficient and sustainable realization. The experienced DOC experts avoid costs during implementation and thus contribute to a most cost efficient project realization. Our involvement in a variety of projects enables us to permanently keep a keen eye on technical reliability and performance as well as on the development of equipment, installation methods and capability.


Such as assumption, generation and evaluation of:

  • Technical and commercial project management
  • Project, route and location development
  • Tender and Bid management as well as negotiations
  • Method statements
  • Design deck layouts, heavy lift plans
  • Project time schedule and milestone planning
  • Fault evaluation
  • Operation, maintenance and repair concepts
  • Port and logistics concepts
  • Vessel and equipment design
Engineering references / works (examples)
  • OWF Riffgat / Export cable (2010 – 2014)
  • OWF Global Tech 1 / OWTGs (2012 – 2014)
  • OWF Baltic 1 + 2 / Export cable (2012 – 2014) 
  • OWF Global tech 1 / Soil survey (2014)
  • OWF MEG 1 / IAG (2012 – 2014) 
  • OWF Bard Offshore 1 / IAG (2010 – 2014)
  • OWF Alpha Ventus / Soil survey (2013)
  • DolWin III / OSS bid management (2012)
  • SylWin I / OSS bid management (2012)
  • BorWin II / OSS bid management (2012)
  • OWF Hohe See / IAG (2012)
  • OWF Baltic 2 / IAG (2011)
  • OWF Global Tech 1 / FOU (2011)
  • OWF Baltic 1 / IAG (2010)
    > references



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